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Tiny Lund

Tiny Lund

Credit: Fletcher Williams

November 14, 1929 - August 17, 1975

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Tiny Fest

  Tiny's first NASCAR race was on October 9, 1955 in Lehi, Arkansas.  He started in 23rd. position in his 1955 Chevrolet, sponsored by Ruppert Safety Belt Company.  He suffered a broken arm and multiple bruises, when his car flipped repeatedly on lap 65.  He was credited with finishing in 25th place...his seat belt had broken during his series of flips.

Lund would receive the Carnegie Medal of Honor for heroism when he pulled fellow driver and friend Marvin Panch from his burning sports car at Daytona in February, 1963.  Since he was not able to compete, Panch convinced the Woods brothers to let Tiny drive his Ford in the Daytona 500.  Lund won the race at an average speed of 151.566 mph on a single set of tires!  Later that year, he would win another premier race...the 500 mile Modified Sportsman race at Atlanta International Raceway.

Lund would go on to win two other NASCAR Grand National events: on April 28th, 1965, he won the rain-shortened 100 mile event at the old Columbia, S. Carolina Speedway.  He has qualified Lyle Stelter's year-old Ford in fourth place, and ran among the leaders all evening.

On June 15, 1966, he outlasted the Factory drivers to win at Beltsville, MD.  He started 7th, and took the lead on lap 71 when Richard Petty blew his engine.  Lund led the balance of the race.

During his long and varied racing career, Tiny would win races in USAC, ARCA and the Pacific Coast Racing Association, as well as the Grand American Series.  He won the Grand American Championship three times (1968, 1970 and 1971).  And, he won the Grand National East Championship in 1973.

Tiny also won the Most Popular Driver title in the Grand National American Series a total of four consecutive years: (1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972).

The Shelby County Speedway was Dewayne "Tiny" Lund's home track when he first started racing. He was one of the most colorful drivers of his era. With a heart as big as his stature, Tiny was a very generous man who loved fast cars, fishing, good times and children. It was more than once when Tiny was seen giving his trophy to a child after winning that day's main event.  Tiny is also a member of Iowa's Motorsports Sports Hall of Fame.


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