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Tim Flock

Juluis "Tim" Flock the younger brother of Fonty Flock had a shorter career than his brother.  Tim's career was very successful and paid more because he was in his prime when the purses were much bigger.  Tim's brothers Fonty and Bob actually tried to talk Tim out of racing.

It was Tim's older sister Ethel and her husband who helped Tim get his career going in 1948.  Tim ran modified cars in '48 and completed enough Grand National races in '49 to place eighth in the points standing.  Brother's Bob and Fonty finished 3rd. and 5th. respectively.  Wow three brothers in the Top-10, the first for the Grand National.  Tim did not race in 1950 due to injuries he suffered in a four-car crash at Charlotte Speedway.  However he did come back strong and finished third in 1951 and won the championship in 1952.

Tim finished sixth behind brother Fonty, in 1953.  In 1955 Tim had one of his greatest seasons ever with eighteen wins, a NASCAR record, and won his second Grand National championship.  Tim earned $3,000. for his first title and $5,000. for his second title.  Not much compared to the purses today.

Tim was the only driver in NASCAR history to have a monkey as a passenger when he raced.  The monkey called Jocko Flocko raced with Tim in eight races.  When Jocko died and the children asked about him, Tim told them he had to get rid of Jocko because he couldn't sign autographs.  Jocko got loose once and grabbed Tim around the neck, forcing Tim to make a costly pit stop.

Tim Flock, racing at Daytona's beach course, one year jumped out to a fast start and took the lead then all at once he started hitting seagulls.  At least 60 seagulls smashed into his windshield and by the time Tim came back around again feathers were still floating around and the seagulls were flying to safety.  

Tim won 21.2% of the 189 races he ran.  In 1955 and '56 Tim won a race each year and in 1954 he had a victory taken away because of an illegal carburetor.  Tim captured NASCAR season points championship in '52 and '55 and won 40 races in a career that ended in 1962.  Tim was considered the best beach course racer.

During the '55 season when Tim won 18 races he also led more than 40% of the laps ran that season.  He also earned 19 poles in '55 as well.  Tim passed away on March 31, 1998 a short time after being  named one of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers.  Actually they held a private informal ceremony in his hometown to honor him for being one of the 50 greatest drivers for NASCAR a month before he died.  In January 1999 he was officially honored.

Other awards earned by Tim were the National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA) Hall of Fame,  State of Georgia Hall of Fame(72),  International Motorsports Hall of Fame (91)  and the Charlotte Motor Speedway Court of Legends (94).

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