Legend Profiles A-B

Legend Profiles A-B

BOBBY ALLISON  (more info)

Bobby was born on December 3, 1937 at Hueytown,Alabama. He had 717 starts before his career ending accident at Pocono in 1988. He started from the pole 59 times during his career. He also had 85 wins and 446 top 10 finishes among his achievements. His career earnings were in excess of $ 7,673.800. His only championship came in 1983 and he was voted most popular driver six times. Nascar driver of the year three times(71,72,83). He lost two sons to accidents they were Clifford who died in a Bush series practice session and Davey who died in a helicoptor accident at Talladega Superspeedway in 1993.



Davie was born on February 25, 1961 in Hueytown, Alabama and he died on July 13, 1993. His career highlights include 1987 rookie of the year when he won two races and had eight other top -10s. He started in 191 races with 14 poles, 19 victories and 92 top 10 finishes all during his shortened career. His total earnings were $6,689,154.


Donny Allison (read more)

Donnie had 242 starts and earned 18 poles, he had 10 wins and 115 top 10 finishes. Donnie was the1967 Winston Cup rookie of the year....he finished fourth and was rookie of the race in the 1970 Indy 500 and he was critically injured in a crash at Charlotte in 1981 which ended his career. His earnings was $1,134,872. He was born September 7,1959 and his hometown is Hueytown, Alabama.


BUCK BAKER  (more info)

Buck's hometown is Charlotte, NC and he was born on March 4,1919. He retired during the 1976 season. Buck won two championships (56 & 57). He is the only Nascar driver to compete in the 40's, 50's , 60's, 70', and 80's. Buck won 44 poles, 46 races and started in 636 races with 378 top 10 finishes. Buck was one of Nascars biggest stars in his days of racing. Buck only earned $362,136.


BUDDY BAKER   (more info)

Buddy's hometown is Charlotte, NC and he was born on January 25,1941. Buddy was the first Nascar racer to reach 200mph when he hit 200.47mph at Talladega in March of 1970 while driving a Dodge Daytona. He captured 17 of his 19 victories on Superspeedways where he was at his best. He started 699 races with 40 poles, 19 wins, 311 top 10 finishes and earned $3,995,300. Buddy retired in 1994 and pursued a career in radio and T.V.

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