Darel Dieringer

Darel Dieringer ran in seven races in 1961 and finished in 35th in the points race with 4,416 points and no wins.

In 1962 he raced in fourteen races and finished 33rd in the points standing with 4,548 points and again no wins.

In 1963 Darel recorded his first win at Riverside, CA in the last race of the season. He started 27 races that year and finished 7th in the points standing with 21,418 points.

In 1964 in the next to last race of the season at Augusta, Georgia, Darel picked up his second career win.  He started twenty-seven races and finished 11th in the points race with 19,972 points.

In 1965 Darel picked up career win number 3 at Daytona Beach, Florida in the second race of the year. He started 35 races and finished 3rd in the points race with 24,696 points.

In 1966 Darel won three times, winning at Monroe, North Carolina; Weaverville, North Carolina and Darlington, South Carolina.  He started 25 races and finished 12th in the points race with 18,214 points.

In 1967 Darel picked up his last career win (7th) at Wilkesboro, North Carolina.  He started 19 races and finished 12th in the points race with 19,698 points.

In 1968 Darel started 18 races had no wins and finished 21st in the points race with 1,525 points.

Darel had a short career in the Grand National but managed to capture seven wins out of the 165 races he started during those eight years.

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